"All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible." TE Lawrence

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Triple Lakes

Here it is resolution #3 40 B4 40 http://www.triplelakesrace.com/index.html

Switching all gears to train for this 40.

Step one rest for 1 more week. Work out the calf pain, research the run. The being on a trail is the only part I,m not sure of.

Everyone must have a Goal. Ive decided GO BIG OR GO home!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


So I'm looking forward to this event tonight all week. Its a meet and greet for the 4 mile race. The add states 6:30-8:00 Wine and munchies, Get a custom Somino shoe fitting, Lucky winners will get prizes including a pair of Somino shoes.

So day 4 in a row of hell at work. I get stuck dealing with a complaint that needs settled before I go home. Scheduled off @ 5 should give me plenty of time to swing by the running store, pic up my number and shirt. Head down to the VW dealer where the party is.

I don't get out until 6. The running store has only the owner working. He's selling shoes and handing out the race T's.

Needles to say I screwed up. I get to the party about 7:30. Make some chit chat with the marketing guy from the VW dealer. Get some grub and get in line for the fitting. I find out they allready did the drawing. Ok now shoes to win I'll still get a hat or waterbottle. Nope! I'm S.O.L. The guy ahead of me gets the last bit if swag.

So I go through the fitting process. I get on the box, flex my knee, do the other foot. The rep hands me a slip of paper with a few check marks. He says take this in and they will set your shoe up. I'm thinking there is a nothe guy around the corner putting shoe together to test. Nope, gotta take the slip back to my running store to try them on.

So I hang out for a few, chit chat with the rep and a few other runners. Finaly i decide to drive home disapointed in myself. I had planed on getting there @ 6:30 and missed my plan by an hour. I should have skipped picking up my gear. Ooops.

Just had to be that guy and put out a little rant on how dissapionted I am in myself.

I do want to say that if your going to state your custom fitting the shoes, how bout having some to try on.

Gotta run.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cross training.

So the leg not feeling good for running. I cant waste a 70 + degree day. I break out the mountain bike and take it on the road. 30+ miles in 2.5 hours not to bad for a runner on a POS mountain bike. The cool part was passing one of thoes speed radars and getting up to 26.5MPH. I hope i dont get the addiction to go looking for a road bike.


Ok body I lied to you and you caught me. 22 miles was a bit much. The hills on that run were killer and never seemed to end. Now 5 days later you are still making me pay for it.
Shin/ calf whatever one of you is really pissed off at the brain please lighten up. Its 70 deg out today and I will load up on pain killers and put you through a test. The bike is ready. I hate the bike but you are forcing me to go low impact and I refuse to let this spring day go to waste.
I will promise to keep the impact off if you promise to be healed in time for next weeks 4 miler. I have paid the entry fee, and my mind is set on a PR.
Get ready for some yoga and some bike. You will be ready to start this race series.

" Il, faut d'abord durer." First one must endure.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Open letter to my abused body.

Dear feet,

I know I drag you around, I can tell by the wear marks on my souls. I know I spent my first year running in shoes too Small, you pointed this out by taking away the toenails. They were never that good looking any way. I want to apologize and thank you for all the work you do. From just walking at work to short fast runs, and slow long runs. You have never gave me any pain. Even when my shoes have been old and wore out. You keep me going, one step in front of another.

Dear Legs,

Dry cracked and wind burnt, I promise I will use more lotion. I promise I will warm up a little before I start running. I promise I will stretch after running. I will do more Yoga in between runs. I will use the stick more and role out the calf's both of them not just the right one that hurts after long runs. I will do more plyometrics, we will hop, hop and hop to build more muscle to go farther and faster. I believe in you. I will respect you more. I have improved my form and will continue to treat you with more respect. For without your strength we would just sit on the couch and watch TV.

Dear digestive track,

I know NO MORE COFFEE! Its hard to say NO the brain and the tongue like it. I know you crave the ice cream and I promise I will not go cold turkey. Please continue to process the carbs and protein the muscles crave for fuel and I will feed your desire for empty calories. ( Ice cream only! )I also promise to limit processed foods and feed you more natural whole foods. The farmers market will re-open soon.

To my core muscle group,

Abs, and Chest. I will continue to work you daily. I know I neglected you last summer and you let me slip by and complete the marathon. I will no longer embarrass you in front of others. Daily crunches and push ups it is.

Arms You will have to get yours from the push ups. I will continue to protect you from sun and wind. Just keep swinging and give the body momentum that the legs need to follow. I promise I will never turn into a Tri Athlete No swimming in the near future.

Dear Ears,

I will turn down the volume, I know one of you has already said no more. The hearing aid does help. And keeps the balance. For the right one please stick around a while longer. I like it when your working I can understand speech a bit better. I makes life around the house better when I understand what my wife is saying.

Over all body you have come together quite nice. No longer the plump 240 but a muscular fit 180. I will continue to push you to your limits. The brain continues to think up punishment beyond what you can endure. You have met every challenge full force holding nothing back. You do turn 40 this year and I have no intention on looking for a newer model. 1970 was a good year. 2010 will be a better year. Remember the goal of the 40 mile ultra before 40. The brain has also thought of the 50 marathons before 50. Somewhere in the back I thought there was a conversation of getting in 2010 miles before 2011. Good luck